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it's not a nerd,it's a metaphor

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Trans Woman Resources

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Carol! They had a whole section for Johnny Depp!

*breakdances* hell ye hell ye alright alright


whether the answer is yes or no, or a mix of the both, i wanted to remind you that you’re great. here is some stuff that i thought might be helpful if you ever feel down or bored or just wanna try something new!!

playlists // don’t be down / happy, happy, happy / cheer up!! / feeling down? / upbeat / for when you’re feeling sad.. / be happy! / songs to listen to when you are feeling sad. / anxiety/panic attacks / dashboard session / nostalgic. / it’s okay, not be okay. / anxiety’s lullaby / don’t be sad / songs that make you feel better / hey man, it’ll be okay. / note to self. / forget about it / baby don’t cut 

cheering up // emergency compliment!! paying for people’s groceries / random acts of kindness caught on film / free hugs experiment / tipping servers $200 / little acts of kindness / 27 videos that will make you happy / givesmehope / textpost blog!! / the everything post / repeat after me. / feel like you lost something? / you are not alone. / just listen to this / cute yahoo answers / nail art tuts / bad x-factor auditions / need a hug?  / you can do anything 

cool stuff // music thing / how to lucid dream!! / teach yourself guitar (wow) / learn a new language / creepy websites / the color game / make a mind palace / explore the world / make a temporary tattoo! / musical sea creature // babies experiencing things / 7 day positive challengeif you forgot how beautiful the world is / draw a nebula / watch documentaries / sugar cookies recipe / 100 things to do / anasomnia / kawaii emotions / 100+ games / make your own font

depression // how to love yourselfalternatives to self harm / what am i feeling? / if you feel like crap / dealing with depression / let go of your past. / what is depression?depression & cutting/things to do instead of cutting / alternatives to self harm / the cure to sadness! (in under 3 minutes) / things to do when you’re sad  / feel good 101: depressionstop cutting, create instead

anxiety/stress // soundrown / build stuff with sand / rainymood / chill out / zen garden / managing stress / social anxiety tips / PTSD forums / anti-anxiety masterpost / a place to think / calming manatee / the dawn room / 100,000 stars / types of anxiety disorders / anxiety attack tips / anti-anxiety foods / using a thought diary / panic attacks & anxiety /

eating disorders // bloating in recovery  / why you must eat / what is ED recovery? / learning to love your body / how to eat a fear food / helping someone with an eating disorder / 281 reasons to recover /

asking for help // telling people how you’re feeling / how do i tell someone when im afraid? /  how to ask for helpanxiety forums


This should be a book for kids.

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These are the little things that make you happy (via)

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Have you ever looked at yourself, and thought “I’m beautiful”


If you haven’t, do it, and even if you can’t appreciate the whole you yet, take just a piece and appreciate that part. 

Because… you are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you any different.

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You may not be able to see your own beauty or love yourself but one day, someone will. You have only lived such a small part of yourself, you will never know what the future brings. So, keep going. Hold on. You are never alone. ♥

For my lovely followers whom I love dearly and would be very much aggrieved if I ever found out that they were gone.

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you know that quote “when god closes a door he opens a window”

like,i understand the meaning but imagine this happening okay?

you open your bedroom door cuz you want to go get some food and BAM God closes it and he’s like “lmao im so cool” and then you’re super confused like wtf dude aND THEN he opens your fricking window and he says “lmao just throw yourself off the window,itll be so cool” and you say “what?why would i do that?” and he says “lol i dunno but im god so do it,you jackass”

after thinking about this i fell on the floor and laughed

i just saw the final episode of himym

yeah okay

im crying

like fuck that shit hurt as hell



think about what your dog would say to you if he knew how much you hated yourself

this just changed my life

so a freaky thing happened today and i need to tell you guys about it

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